chloe: the bigness of big


:4th and things:

so, we've been busy.

mondays we go to community group. thursdays we meet with a couple families from church. sunday we go to church. and in between we do our walks, shopping, laundry, try to have dates and whatever else life throws at us.

this week was especially busy with the 4th. we had a big 'ol gathering for our community group at our place. great fun. lots 'o food. walked to the park and watched fireworks with the rest of north park. really nice. hopefully we'll have some photos sent to us from the night. i didn't get any cause i was so busy hosting. bad me.

my dad came up the morning of the 4th and spent some time peeling grapes for chloe and caught this great photo, which i put in sepia.

chloe now has a half of a tooth, and its partner beginning to poke through on the bottom. it's a bit hard to see unless she gives a big smile, but i'll try to get a photo.

hope you are all well!



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