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:the cold:

this comes at a very appropriate time, as chloe has, unfortunately, caught my cold.

last night she awoke 3 times with a slight cough and probably general discomfort. it's so hard not knowing what is bothering her.

alas, she still must be attended to. surely, there are plenty of o.t.c. things we can buy, most not too suitable for babies under 2, but still commonly used. that is what the article is about.

i know that i talk much about natural alternatives, but there is truth in it. we have to be more cautious about how we treat our kids. we have to read, do research listen. we can't just pop a pill or a dropper in their mouth and expect harmless results, if results at all.

so, i went on a quest to try and relieve her symptoms. she's too young for echanacea, which is my personal remedy. i used some saline drops for her nose and a suction bulb, which works great for temporary booger relief.

i decided to try a little experiment in a bottle of a few ounces of warm water steeped with some mint tea and some raw garlic. i added a bit of agave nectar so she would swallow it, and lo and behold, she loved it. i think it helped her throat because she hasn't been coughing since.

she looks a mess. last night she slipped on a rug and hit her right cheek on the table. she awoke with a purple line across her cheek. she has boogers coming out of her nose, her eyes are puffy and she's generally tired. but, you'd never know by her chipper attitude. she's not too fussy, playing and smiling and eating like normal.

hopefully this will pass soon.


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