chloe: the bigness of big


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chloe is smart.

maybe she's average...i don't know. but to us, she's amazing.

yesterday she was playing in our closet, a walk-in, which she occasionally likes to treat like her little house and close the door. i was still in bed, trying to get up, when she comes walking out with 3 green shirts from jared's drawer. now, because i do a lot of laundry, i know that they weren't just sitting on top. she had to have dug for those 3 shirts. honestly, i didn't even know he owned 3, nearly identically green shirts!

this morning the smartness continued. i folded laundry and was taking it back to the room in shifts. she decided to help expedite the process by bringing me some socks from the basket. very helpful.

then, as i was cleaning bathrooms, changing trash, etc., she started pulling the tp roll. not good. i stopped her while she only had a little bit of it. she walked over to the little bathroom trash, opened the lid, and put in a scrap of toilet paper. so smart!

i don't know what i did to breed such intelligence, and such a great work ethic in my nearly 14 month old, but God bless her. i can only pray that she'll be this dilligent when she's 14.

some shots my dad took last saturday at great gma ana's:


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