chloe: the bigness of big



i'm a bad mom. i haven't posted in awhile, and i didn't get any photos on thanksgiving. i did bring the camera. somehow, in the midst of my calm (jared volunteered to be "in charge" of chloe) i forgot.

anyway, chloe is a mover and shaker. she never sits still. she's a great kid, smart, funny and loving, but she'll keep you going as long as you'll let her.

she loves doing things like walk from the car to the front door, all by her big self, put her princess crown on and walk around, attempt to navigate the dvd player (which is miraculously still functioning), read any books with animals in them and still loves rachel ray.

she can identify where her belly button is, and where mine is and she's starting to figure out the eyes. she has a few words that we can actually make out. she can say "dad", or "da", "hot", "off" and dog, or "daaa". she's also very adept at letting us know when she's thirsty.

she continues to be an eater, although she is a carb loader. if there's bread within her line of vision, nothing else matters. doesn't really matter what kind, she just loves it.

she's also really started to show signs of emotion and love. she'll grab her favorite books off the shelf and bring them to us to read while she sits in our laps. she very excitedly greets us when we return from work, with open arms and a hug. with jared she screams, "daaaaaaa!" but i think my favorite is how she puts her hand out for me to hold it while we walk into the house. it only lasts for about 5-10 seconds, but she is clearly asking to have her hand held.

thanksgiving was spent with the hoover's (as was last year). the schauermanns cooked, hoovers hosted. good food, games, crisp air, family and a break for me! all in all, a good time.

missed my family, and thought about my sister in africa. can't wait to see her in december! if you're reading this kates, we love you! and chloe misses her aunt katie :)

hope you all had a blessed holiday.



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