chloe: the bigness of big


:our garden:

'tis a very humble thing, our garden.

really, it's not a thing at all. i planted japanese eggplant, which yielded two small fruit. we never actually ate them so i don't know if they were good. we have a few grasses which seem to be great, and a small jade plant. that's it. i've attempted, and failed, at keeping colorful or eatible plants alive.

so, we planted. maybe chloe's magic touch will lend my brown thumb some help. we planted onions. i know, not the time to be planting, but we did. it's warm here, and maybe something will come of it. either way, it was a nice time to spend on our back deck that we neglect so much. jared played photog for all of these:

a frolic on our bed.


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