chloe: the bigness of big


right now, chloe is copying dance moves on sesame street. hilarious. she has such rhythm.

last night, as i was trying to clean up the mess that inevitably resides on the floor following a dinner, chloe quietly went to the hall cabinet, pulled out a rag (one which i normally use to clean various things), and started wiping the floor beneath the table. it was so precious.

i think she was under the weather yesterday because jared said she just fell asleep on the couch for over 2 hours in the morning. maybe most kids do this, but not chloe. she NEVER just falls asleep somewhere. so, last night around 7pm, feeling very tired from such an early nap, she walked into her dark room and waited for me to come in. i guess that was her way of saying, "put me to bed, mom." cool.

she does the signs for water and more. she tries to say agua, but it's still a bit unclear.

she's really been enjoying the almost daily trips to the park. she loves the swing, and going up the slides. this girl has no fear, either.

she's 17 months today.


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