chloe: the bigness of big


:march updates:

it's bad, i know. i haven't posted in about a month, or more?

so where's chloe?

she likes to pray. we say, "let's pray," and she puts out her hands so we can hold them, and then she smiles. we do it at dinner and now we do it before bed. last night we tucked her in together, which doesn't always happen since our schedules change so much.

she's more vocal. identifiable words are: hot, no, dog and an occasional thank you. granted, i think i'm the only one that understands.

her dancing has reached new heights. her new favorite thing is to dance naked in front of her mirror right after a bath. there's no music, just her checking herself out.

she likes to play a game i call flashlight chicken. this is exclusively a daddy/chloe game. he turns all the lights off, and hides in a room with her flashlight. when she comes cautiously in, he jumps out with the flashlight on his face...and she loves it. she's brave. i get scared.

lately she makes it very clear that i need to stay home when i get home. maybe because i'm gone a lot. she's ok when i leave, but the second i walk in the door, she runs up and tries to take my bag off my arm, and points to my shoes, making sure i take them off and put everything down. sometimes she even tugs at my jacket so that i'll take it off.

today she's been running a fever so we've been laying low. hopefully it doesn't turn into anything to big, but we shall see.

here's a few recent photos of her in heels and a bonfire we had with our community group.



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