chloe: the bigness of big


:water park-ish:

chloe has really started talking. it's still a bit sketchy at times, but she says some of the following:

• where did it go?
• here we go
• thanks
• there it is
• outside
• all gone

i'm sure there are others, but that's a taste.

she's started to play like a girl. she now has a little mini stroller with a 23 year old cabbage patch doll that happily rides in it. she pushes it around all day. and at night, she sleeps with the doll. her feminine side is really kicking in. it's very sweet.

she and i have been sick this past week, with me getting REALLY sick, and actually having to go to the doctor. chloe was fine, though.

we are slowly creeping towards the potty training. she now says "uh-oh" when she farts, she calls her potty "t-t", which is what i named it, and she goes under her easel to poop. if i ask her if she's pooped, she points to her bottom. so i try to catch her whenever she runs under the easel. she knows where to go and what to do, but the second she sits on the seat, she gets gun shy. that, and she never stops moving; thus, it's a bit hard to keep her sitting long enough to get anything out. we are getting there. i have hope that the poop will be coming soon. meanwhile, we'll just keep trying.

we've spent a couple days up at the welk with the schauermanns, and the following are some photos from her time in the kid play area. chloe was a BIG fan.



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